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Transforming complex structures into optimized designs with BIM precision

Prokon Sumo Structural Analysis software is a cutting-edge 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool tailored for structural engineers. Prokon Sumo performs frame and finite element analyses of structures, empowering users to construct intricate 3D models of structures, incorporating essential components like beams, columns, and slabs. Sumo stands out as a next-generation, BIM-compatible analysis and design solution, continually evolving to meet the demands of modern engineering projects.

Advanced 3D BIM Modelling on Prokon Sumo

Advanced 3D BIM Modeling

Prokon Sumo offers advanced capabilities for 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM), allowing engineers to create detailed and accurate 3D models of structures. This enables precise visualization and analysis of complex geometries and architectural features, enhancing design accuracy and clarity.

Efficient Analysis and Design

With Prokon Sumo, engineers can perform efficient structural analysis and design tasks within a unified platform. Its integrated tools streamline the analysis workflow, enabling engineers to quickly evaluate multiple design options, optimize structural performance, and ensure compliance with relevant codes and standards.

Prokon Sumo Analysis and Design
BIM Compatibility Multi Screen

BIM Compatibility and Collaboration

Prokon Sumo is designed to be fully compatible with BIM workflows, facilitating seamless collaboration and data exchange with other BIM software and project stakeholders. This integration enhances communication and coordination throughout the design and construction process, leading to improved project outcomes and reduced errors.

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Take your structural analysis and design to new heights.



ABC Construction Ltd. needed to design and analyze a six-story commercial office building, ensuring it adhered to local building codes and regulations. The objective was to create a safe, structurally sound, and cost-effective framework that optimized material usage and minimized construction costs. The project required comprehensive structural analysis, including load calculations and stress analysis, and detailed documentation at each stage of the design process.


Using Prokon Sumo, the engineering team began by importing architectural drawings and defining the building geometry. They input relevant loads, created a 3D model, and assigned material properties to the structural elements. The team performed both linear and nonlinear static analyses and, if necessary, dynamic analysis for seismic activity. Utilizing Prokon Sumo’s design modules, they designed and optimized beams, columns, slabs, and foundations, ensuring compliance with local building codes. Detailed analysis reports, design calculations, and construction drawings were generated for approval.


The project was successfully completed with a comprehensive structural analysis and an optimized design that minimized material use while ensuring safety and compliance. Detailed documentation facilitated swift approval from regulatory bodies, and the use of Prokon Sumo streamlined the design process, saving time and effort. ABC Construction Ltd. was pleased with the cost savings and the efficiency of the design process, which provided a reliable and regulatory-compliant structural solution for their commercial office building.

Thank you team for your excellent service, speedy response time and always availability to assist with support for Prokon Software!

Gerrie Pienaar


Prokon‘s software support is unmatched. The quote process was smooth, and a last-minute team meeting was promptly arranged. For local and international markets, Prokon‘s fair pricing and top-tier features make it the standout choice. Highly recommended!

Stoffel Bakkes



Yes, Sumo is equipped with advanced modeling capabilities that allow engineers to accurately represent complex geometries and irregular structural configurations, ensuring precise analysis results.

Sumo leverages a wide-ranging material library and facilitates the utilization of diverse materials for comprehensive analysis and design tasks within a unified model. Its analysis procedures adhere to international best practices, ensuring robustness and accuracy.

  • Yes, Sumo is designed to be fully compatible with Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows and can seamlessly integrate with other engineering software and BIM platforms, facilitating collaboration and data exchange throughout the design and construction process.

Through Micrographics, Sumo users have access to a range of support resources, including technical documentation, tutorials, and customer support services. Additionally, training programs and workshops to help users get up to speed with Sumo’s features and capabilities are provided.

Absolutely, Sumo includes advanced analysis tools for evaluating dynamic loads, such as wind and seismic forces, and their effects on structural behavior. Engineers can use Sumo to perform dynamic analysis and assess the response of structures to various environmental and loading conditions.

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