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Efficiently analyze 2D single span or cantilever beams with precision

Catering to structural engineers’ needs, Single Span Beam provides a comprehensive solution for analyzing 2D single span or cantilever beams. With seamless integration into Combine for steel members, and precise analysis capabilities, users can quickly assess beam performance, verify structural integrity, and optimize designs for optimal efficiency and safety.

Prokon Single Span - Easy to use with rapid results

Easy to use with rapid results

Prokon Single Span Beam’s user-friendly interface ensures quick setup and execution, providing engineers with rapid, accurate analysis results.

Can analyze the effect of non-uniform distributed loads

The software can precisely model and analyze the effects of non-uniform distributed loads, allowing for detailed deflection-, bending moment- and shear assessments.

analyze the effect of non-uniform distributed loads
Single Span Beam - Links with Combine for a code-based design

Links with Combine for a code-based design

It seamlessly integrates with Combine, enabling code-based design checks and compliance verification according to various building codes.

Optimize your structural analysis workflow today with the Single Span Beam module

Streamline, analyse, and design with confidence.



GHI Structural Engineering needed to design and analyze a series of single-span beams for a residential building project. The objective was to ensure these beams could safely support varying loads, including non-uniformly distributed loads, while complying with local building codes. The analysis required rapid and accurate results to keep the project on schedule and to facilitate quick design iterations.


The engineering team chose Prokon Single Span Beam for its ease of use and efficiency in delivering rapid results. They started by inputting the beam dimensions, material properties, and load cases into the software. The loads included non-uniformly distributed loads to reflect real-world conditions.

The team utilised the software’s integration with Combine to perform code-based design checks, ensuring compliance with relevant standards. Prokon’s intuitive interface and advanced analysis capabilities allowed for quick setup and execution of multiple load scenarios.


Prokon Single Span Beam provided detailed analysis of the beams, including deflection, bending moment, shear assessments and overall structural integrity under various loading conditions. The software’s ability to handle non-uniform distributed loads offered precise insights into potential problem areas.

The integration with Combine ensured that all designs met local code requirements, streamlining the approval process. As a result, GHI Structural Engineering was able to deliver a safe, compliant, and efficient beam design quickly, maintaining project timelines and ensuring structural reliability. allowing for detailed deflection-, bending moment- and shear assessments.

Thank you team for your excellent service, speedy response time and always availability to assist with support for Prokon Software!

Gerrie Pienaar


Prokon‘s software support is unmatched. The quote process was smooth, and a last-minute team meeting was promptly arranged. For local and international markets, Prokon‘s fair pricing and top-tier features make it the standout choice. Highly recommended!

Stoffel Bakkes



The module accommodates various loading conditions, such as point loads, distributed loads, and moment loads, allowing engineers to accurately simulate real-world scenarios.

Yes, the module supports structural analysis for a wide range of materials, including steel, concrete, timber, and composite materials, enabling engineers to assess structural behaviour across different material types.

The module provides comprehensive analysis results, including bending moment diagrams, shear force diagrams, and deflection profiles, giving engineers valuable insights into beam performance.


The module is capable of analysing beams of varying sizes and complexities, providing engineers with flexibility in their analysis capabilities. While the module can do the above, it can only analyse one beam at a time.

Engineers can specify different boundary conditions and support arrangements, such as fixed supports and pinned supports, ensuring an accurate representation of real-world structural conditions.

While the module primarily focuses on structural analysis, engineers can use the analysis results to inform optimisation and parametric studies, facilitating iterative design improvements and efficiency enhancements.

Users have access to comprehensive technical support resources, including online documentation, video tutorials, webinars, customer support, and formal training, ensuring they can effectively utilise the module to its full potential.

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