PROKON 5.1 Update

PROKON has released its latest update which includes new modules and plenty of uselful improvements..

The latest version of our engineering software is ready!

Our team has been hard at work developing PROKON 5.1 with your needs in mind, and the new release comes packed with more features and capabilities to help you streamline your engineering projects and take your work to the next level!

Exciting updates in the PROKON Sumo module:

  • Python scripting interface for Sumo, called PySumo
  • Pile Cap Design Link
  • Now supports solid finite elements
  • Enhanced second-order and non-linear analyses performance
  • Export using IFC Design Transfer View
  • Ultra HD display support
  • And more

Pile Cap (NEW)

As part of our Concrete Design Software Solutions, you can now design reinforced concrete pile caps supported by two to five piles, using a strut-and-tie method for analysis.


  • Various pile arrangements
  • Eccentric columns
  • Strut-and-tie analysis
  • Automated rebar generation

Column Splice Module (NEW)

As part of our Steel Design Software Solutions, you can now design bolted cover plate splice connections for I- and H-shaped columns.


  • Generate complex splice connections
  • Evaluate user-defined connections
  • Apply axial and bending loads
  • Supports tying loads

What more to expect?

  • Crack Width Calculations in the Continuous Beam module
    • Ensure crack widths are within code limits
    • Protect steel reinforcing from corrosion
    • Reduce crack severity during the design phase
  • Various new languages incorporated
  • International design codes
  • Crack width integrations coming to other modules soon!