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Perform a finite element analysis of a membrane of any general geometry

Prokon Plane Stress software specializes in finite element analysis of membranes, handling various geometries under plane stress or strain conditions. Users can effortlessly model complex geometries by combining simple polygons, with automatic mesh generation for accuracy. The software supports multiple load cases, allowing for precise application of point loads and uniform distributed loads (UDLs) to the model’s outline.

Precision Analysis for Membranes Prokon Plane Stress

Precision Analysis for Membranes

Plane stress analysis is tailored to the specific needs of engineers dealing with thin structures like membranes. By focusing on this specialised area, Prokon Plane Stress ensures that users can accurately analyse and optimize designs for applications such as thin plates, shells, or membranes under plane stress conditions. This targeted approach means engineers can have confidence in the accuracy of their analysis results, leading to optimised designs that meet performance criteria and minimise material usage.

Efficient Geometry Modelling

Prokon Plane Stress simplifies the geometry modelling process by allowing users to combine simple polygons to represent complex shapes. This feature saves time and effort in the modelling phase, enabling engineers to quickly create accurate representations of their structures without the need for intricate manual modelling. As a result, users can focus more on the analysis and design aspects of their projects, leading to increased productivity and faster project turnaround times.

Efficient Geometry Modelling
Prokon Plane Stress Automated Mesh Generation

Automated Mesh Generation

The automatic mesh generation capability of Prokon Plane Stress further enhances workflow efficiency by eliminating the need for manual meshing. This not only saves time but also ensures that the generated mesh is suitable for the analysis, leading to more accurate results. By reducing the time and effort required for meshing, engineers can spend more time on critical analysis tasks and explore multiple design scenarios to find the optimal solution for their projects.

Master the Precision of Thin Structural Analysis

Navigate the intricacies of membrane analysis with Prokon Plane Stress.



DEF Civil Engineering was tasked with evaluating the structural integrity of a bridge deck subjected to various loads, including vehicular traffic and environmental factors. The objective was to ensure the bridge deck could withstand these stresses without excessive deformation or failure. The analysis needed to include stress distribution, potential crack formation, and overall safety under different loading conditions, adhering to local bridge design codes and standards.


The engineering team utilised Prokon Plane Stress for a detailed finite element analysis (FEA) of the bridge deck. They began by creating a precise 2D model of the deck, incorporating material properties and geometric dimensions. Various load cases, including dead loads, live loads, and wind loads, were applied to the model.

Prokon Plane Stress was used to simulate the stress distribution across the deck under these conditions. The software’s advanced meshing capabilities allowed for an accurate representation of stress concentrations and potential weak points. The team iteratively refined the model and re-ran simulations to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results.


The analysis provided by Prokon Plane Stress revealed critical insights into the stress distribution and potential failure points of the bridge deck. The results indicated that, under the specified loading conditions, the deck would perform safely within the allowable stress limits. Areas of higher stress concentration were identified, allowing for targeted reinforcement to enhance structural integrity.
The comprehensive reports generated by Prokon Plane Stress facilitated a clear understanding of the bridge’s performance, ensuring compliance with local design standards and contributing to a safe and durable bridge design. DEF Civil Engineering was able to provide a detailed and reliable assessment, ensuring the client’s confidence in the bridge’s long-term performance.

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Prokon‘s software support is unmatched. The quote process was smooth, and a last-minute team meeting was promptly arranged. For local and international markets, Prokon‘s fair pricing and top-tier features make it the standout choice. Highly recommended!

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Prokon Plane Stress offers advanced capabilities tailored to thin structures, ensuring precise analysis results and optimized designs.

It’s ideal for commonly used tensioned fabric roofs, membrane structures, thin plates, and shells. Prokon Plane Stress Facilitates the modelling of asymmetrical elements and accommodates eccentric loading.

It includes efficient geometry modelling, automatic mesh generation, support for multiple load cases, and comprehensive analysis capabilities for thin structures.

It features an intuitive interface suitable for both beginners and experienced users, with extensive documentation available for guidance.

  • Yes, it’s capable of handling complex geometries and various loading conditions encountered in thin structural analysis.

It provides support for a wide range of material properties, offering flexibility according to project requirements.

Prokon Plane Stress is known for its accuracy in providing precise analysis results for thin structures under plane stress conditions.

Prokon offers documentation, tutorials, webinars, and customer support services to assist users with technical issues and training needs.

It has modest system requirements and is compatible with standard Windows operating systems. 

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