The Prokon Family

Karl Eschberger

“High Flying Leader”


As CEO, Karl is our Commander in Chief. An inspirational leader in every sense of the word, Karl is young at heart and widely considered the heartbeat of our operations. With more letters behind his name than the Chinese alphabet (B.Eng, M.Eng, Pr.Eng, MSAICE and CPL) Karl has the qualifications, skills and track record to justify his reputation as a true maverick of the Civil Engineering industry.

Jacques Pienaar

“Proficient Preceptor”


A Prokon founding member, Director and inspirational programmer, Jacques is seen as a bottomless source of knowledge by everyone at Prokon. An animal lover and farmer at heart, Jacques is always ready to plough his experience back into the business by sharing his extensive know-how with anyone who needs it. While Jacques holds B.Eng. Honours and Structural Engineering degrees, and is registered as a Professional Engineer, it’s his innovative thinking and hands-on approach that makes him a legend of the industry.

Renier Cloete

“SUMO Master”


Renier might have a love for gaming, but his experience and skill is nothing short of serious. A holder of a PhD in Civil Engineering and currently serving as one of our Directors, Renier has a firm belief in leaving any situation better than he found it. This is evident in the massive role he plays at Prokon and the mentorship he provides to all of his colleagues.

Louis Viljoen

“Prokon Build Boss Man”


Although this Prokon Director is as technology savvy as they come, he prefers to get as far away from his cellphone as possible whenever he takes a break from his busy schedule. With a B.Eng (Honours), Louis lives by the motto that you should hope and work for the best, plan for the worst and somewhere in-between you will find a balanced solution to every challenge. Louis is a true talisman and mentor for the Prokon Build team.

Louise Trombetta

“Blushing Beauty”

HR Manager

A source of pure energy around the office, Louise has a sunny disposition that can brighten up even the bluest of Mondays. A people’s person in every sense of the word, Louise performs her duties as HR Manager with zest and zeal. She enjoys a round of golf, has a taste for Italian cuisine and culture and by her own admittance enjoys a round of golf every now and then.

Marlise Jordaan

“Golfing Super Star”

Sales Manager

While Marlise loves to give her competitive side an outlet by playing netball, golf and squash, this brown-eyed Sales Manager is also a game changer when it comes to delivering champion customer service. She believes in never dwelling on yesterday but rather making the most of each new opportunity, which is underpinned by her drive and motivation which we’ve all come to know and love.

Heiko Reiff

“Big-Hearted Chap”

Regional Manager – Namibia

With a can-do attitude and his positive outlook on life, Heiko is keeping Prokon’s name high as our Sales Executive in Windhoek, Namibia. A hands-on, big hearted chap who always rises to the challenge. When he is not brainstorming with clients he likes to blow of some steam by mountain biking through the great South West or embracing his inner Picasso at home. Seems there is no end to his energy levels and impeccable work ethic.

BJ Viljoen

“The Honey Badger”

Financial Manager

With a B.Com Financial Management Sciences qualification, BJ is a valuable addition to the Prokon family. His passions include gardening, golf and especially hunting in the bushveld where he is at his most comfortable. BJ is fearless and takes what he wants. Just like his favourite animal – The Honey Badger. He lives with the motto “That without remedy is without regard, what’s done is done and can’t be undone.” With this outlook on life, he is always prepared and ready for what waits next.

Celia van Heerden

“A Complete Package”

Admin Manager

Brains and brawn in one dynamic package – Celia has great passion for both sweating it out at the gym and giving her brain a workout on the chess board. Never enough hours in the day, Celia can usually be found armed with a cup of coffee, her favourite drink and pick-me-up, working her magic as our Admin Manager.

Maureen Mӧller

“Mrs. Rider”

Prokon Channel Coordinator

Maureen wants to spend her holiday’s horse riding in the bush. Her hobbies vary from horse riding right through to baking. With her favourite movie line ever “There are more than meets the eye” the Prokon Team are very proud to have her a part of the team, with her warm & welcoming smile that cannot be missed!

Leon van Rensburg

“The Tiger”

Business Development Lead

With the tenacity and strength of a tiger, Leon believes that ‘Success lies upstream, you cannot drift there’. No wonder that his favourite movie line is: “The inches we need are everywhere around us. They’re in every break of the game, every minute and every second!” We are proud to have this courageous tiger as our Business Development Lead.

Janine Greyling

“Green Eyed Lass”

Prokon Channel Coordinator

As our Prokon Channel Coordinator, Janine often acts as the face of Prokon… a responsibility she takes in her stride considering that this green-eyed lass is also a qualified make-up artist. Practical and artistic, Janine loves doing DIY tasks at home, enjoys drama productions on screen or at the theatre and prefers to recharge her batteries in the Drakensberg whenever her schedule allows.

Ruan Schutze

“Mr. Outdoorsy”

Sales Specialist

Ruan is an experienced Sales Specialist with a love for the outdoors – fishing, golf, hunting and the desire to visit his dream destination Egypt one day. He lives with the motto “Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction” – with this ‘can-do’ attitude, Ruan brings a whole new outlook to the workplace.

Charmaine Payne

“Patient Perfectionist”

Senior Renewal Specialist

Charmaine is a Senior Renewal Specialist with a love for all things foreign – Italian cuisine, Brazilian cocktails and a desire to one day experience the sights and sounds of South East Asia. With a Bachelors of Social Sciences degree, Charmaine understands her customers and their needs better than anyone and hence delivers customer service that’s always beyond expectations.

Reinhardt Jordaan

“Marketing Pro”

Marketing Specialist

As the go-to marketing person at Prokon with several qualifications in Marketing, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Web Development & Graphic Design, Reinhardt brings valuable necessities to the ‘marketing’ table. Being content and calm in any situation, his motto in life “Everything will work out” states to be true. Whenever Reinhardt needs to be persuaded, all you need is a medium rare steak accompanied by a glass of red wine.

Gaborekwe Kutumela

“Loves to Laugh”

Autodesk Renewal Specialist

Gabo is an open and outgoing lady who just loves people! With a BIG & BRIGHT smile, she believes that life is too short to live with grudges and regrets, because you only live once. Gabo has recently joined the Prokon family as an Autodesk Renewal Consultant and one of her short-term goals is to complete her National Certificate in Office Administration.

Christo Vermeulen

“Coffee Maniac”

R & D Manager

While Christo is a real whizz behind the keyboard during office hours, he loves the great outdoors and ventures out on regular camping trips when not at work. Holder of a National Diploma in Software Development, there is no Beta Test that can stump our resident Software Developer. Christo is also considered the office guru when it comes to dispensing great advice and innovative problem solving.

Marnus Mey

“Jonas Salk”


With the qualifications B.Eng in Civil Engineering and B.Eng (Honours) in Structural Engineering, Marnus is a very important addition to the Prokon Programming team. His favourite motto is “Omnia dicta fortiora si dicta Latina” that means everything said stronger if said in Latin, this shows off his keen sense of humour and that he keeps an open mind towards any challenge he might face.

Arno Pienaar

“Afro Man”


Arno is a Software Developer who doesn’t believe in trying… but rather doing! An avid cyclist and dog lover, Arno is an eternal optimist who believes in seeing the glass half full. Known for razor sharp sense of humour, Arno is always ready to share a smile with his colleagues, but when it comes to breaking new ground in cutting-edge software development, Arno is a serious player.

Stephan de Villiers

“Sporty Programmer”


Our office all-rounder with a love for jogging, cycling, swimming and gaming, Stephan lives by the motto that “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong” – a temperament this Software Developer brings to work every day. With a B.Sc. Computer Science degree behind his name, Stephan is one of our development stalwarts and approaches life, work and everything in-between with boundless energy.

Révan Benadé

“Mr. Reliable”


We have made a wise decision to appoint Révan, to join our team. He has completed both a B Eng (Computer Engineering) and a B Eng (Hons) (Structural Engineering) and is already programming like a machine. Although ‘talking code’ is his trademark, one of his hidden talents is playing the guitar in his spare time. Révan also firmly believes that “It’s Easier To Do Something That You Love”.

Tiaan Krieg

“Button-Press Guru”


Tiaan is a down-to-earth, office favourite with love for a braai and an occasional glass of red wine. He is as qualified as he is ambitious, Tiaan has a B.Eng in Civil and a B.Sc in Computer & Information Science. He lives by the motto “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know how big it will surprise you” – something that keeps him very optimistic and a valuable member of the Prokon Programming team.

Alicia Dreyer

“Miss Sunflower”

Events Coordinator

No wonder Alicia’s motto in life is “Hakuna Matata”, because no matter what her to-do-list is for the day she will get it done with a smile and even have time to spare. In charge of all event organisation throughout the year, as well as assisting wherever she can. Alicia does not see any task as an obstacle but rather as a challenge! With a passion for arts– she is a lot of fun to be around!

Andrew Brooks

“Iron Man”

Technical Support Consultant

Andrew is one of the newest additions to the Prokon family and is sure to contribute a lot of knowledge and insight to the support team as he has completed his B.Eng in Civil Engineering. His everyday life is based in Kempton Park while his favourite holiday destination is George, Western Cape.

Yolandi van der Merwe

“Little Ray of Sunshine”

Admin Assistant / Course Coordinator

As the first face our visitors see when stepping through the front door, receptionist and admin clerk Yolandi’s warm smile is enough to brighten up our entire building. Yolandi enjoys photography and plans to visit Fiji on her next overseas vacation.

Kamogelo Tooi

“Smiling Beauty”

Receptionist / Admin Clerk

Kamo loves reading and playing board games. With her favourite book – Fault in Our Stars, you know she has good taste in literature. She is one of Prokon’s newest family members, so please swing by the front desk and say “Hello”. Why not start or end the day with this beautiful smile.

Sampie Goosen


Technical Specialist

Sampie is a real live-wire around the office who is known for his positive attitude and determination to leave a lasting impact on both our business and clients. Sampie has a passion for creativity, speed… and his mother’s cooking. With a Higher Education Diploma and National Diploma in Civil Engineering, Sampie always delivers excellence in his role as Technical Specialist.

Dereck Clements

“Hardware and IT Fanatic”

Senior Technical Consultant

With an eye for the finest of details, it comes as no surprise that this Senior Tech Specialist has a preference for German efficiency. He loves German cars, German dogs and his dream holiday destination is Germany. Dereck boasts a list of credentials as long as the Berlin wall by being qualified in AutoCAD Professional, Revit Professional, 3ds Max Professional and Inventor Professional.

Marna Meiring

“Wonder Woman”

Technical Consultant

With a Bachelor of Science (Eng) in Civil Engineering, Marna is a very experienced and valuable addition to the Prokon Technical team. She lives by the belief “Do your best and God will do the rest.” Outside of work, Marna enjoys going hiking, playing squash and taking on any DIY project. She is someone capable of owning every situation.

Alastair Riddin

“Mr. Funny Man”

Technical Consultant

With ‘Anchor Man’ as his favourite movie and ‘Spud’ his favourite book series, you are sure to laugh in his presence! Alastair lives by the motto “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” ― Hunter S. Thompson. We know that his journey with Prokon will be the best ‘Ride’ ever!

Marnus van Staden

“3D Guru”

Technical Consultant

With a ‘can-do’ attitude second to none, Marnus lives by his motto of always finding a way to overcome even the most challenging of obstacles. With aspirations of one day cruising around town in a Porsche 911 with his pet pooch, Max, Marnus is an Autodesk Technical Specialist who you can always rely on to cruise through any and every task that comes his way.

Julio Kaudinge

“Mr. Positive”

Technical Specialist

With his positive attitude and friendly demeanour, Julio lives with his motto “Do my best, so that I can’t blame myself for anything”. He likes music, working with computers, socialising with people, reading and exploring new things. With 6 years’ experience in designing and management within the civil and construction industry, there is no question that Julio adds great value to our Namibian Offices.

Vahlia Fakude

“Warm & Kind Hearted”


Vahlia’s official job description might be office cleaner, but her real role is creating an environment where we all feel at home. Always standing by with a heart-warming smile and kind word, this office legend is actually a songbird at heart. She loves music and spending time with her grandchildren whenever she has an opportunity to do so. Vahlia dreams of one day visiting New York and believes that positivity is the key to happiness.

Paulinah Matlou

“Master Chef”


On some days (especially Mondays) the Prokon office functions solely on copious amounts of caffeine. Without Paulinah to keep our kitchen tidy and desks cleared of empty cups, we’ll be truly lost! What most people don’t know is that Paulinah is an amazing chef who loves watching her soapies while preparing meals for the family. Funnily enough, while Paulinah is a strict vegetarian, it’s the rest of us who’ll go fruity if we didn’t have her around to look after us!



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