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Precise analysis of structural frames and components

Prokon Frame Analysis software conducts precise frame and finite element analyses for both 2D and 3D structures. It offers a wide range of analyses, including static, buckling, modal, harmonic, and seismic. With an intuitive interface, users easily build models using beams, shells, and solid finite elements. Results seamlessly integrate with other Prokon modules and other software by way of DXF, DWG, CIS/2 and SNF (Strucad) files for further design tasks and documentation. Frame models can also be exported to and imported from Autodesk® Revit® using Prodesk.

prokon frame provides insights and data to engineers

Precision in Structural Analysis

Prokon Frame ensures precise analysis of structural frames and components, allowing engineers to accurately assess the behavior and performance of their designs, leading to optimized structural solutions and enhanced safety.

Efficiency in Analysis Workflow

With its comprehensive suite of analysis tools and user-friendly interface, Prokon Frame streamlines the analysis workflow, enabling engineers to efficiently conduct various types of analyses and iterate on design solutions rapidly, ultimately saving time and resources.

Prokon Frame Analysis Workflow
precision structural analysis

Confidence in Design Decisions

Prokon Frame provides engineers with the insights and data they need to make informed design decisions confidently. By offering detailed analysis results and visualization tools, Prokon Frame empowers engineers to validate their designs and ensure compliance with relevant codes and standards, instilling trust in the structural integrity of their projects.

Unlock Structural Excellence with Prokon Frame!

Optimize your designs, ensure safety, and streamline your workflow with our advanced structural analysis software. 



XYZ Engineering Ltd. needed to design and analyze a steel frame for an industrial warehouse. The objective was to ensure the structure could safely support heavy loads from machinery and storage while complying with local building codes and regulations. The project required precise structural analysis, including load distribution, stress analysis, and deformation analysis, with detailed documentation to support the design and approval process.


The engineering team utilised Prokon Frame to begin the project by importing the architectural layout of the warehouse and defining the frame geometry. Using Prokon Frame’s modelling tools, they created a detailed 3D model and assigned appropriate material properties to the steel members. They input various load types such as dead loads, live loads, and dynamic loads from operating machinery. 

The team conducted static and dynamic analyses to determine internal forces, moments, and potential deflections. Prokon’s design modules were then used to design and optimize the steel frame elements, ensuring they met local building codes and safety standards. Comprehensive reports and construction drawings were generated to document the design process.


The industrial warehouse’s steel frame design was completed successfully, featuring a robust and efficient structural framework that optimized material usage and ensured safety. The project met all local building regulations, and the detailed analysis and design reports facilitated quick approval from regulatory bodies. XYZ Engineering Ltd. benefited from the streamlined design process provided by Prokon Frame, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The client was highly satisfied with the reliable and compliant structural solution, which ensured the warehouse could support the heavy operational loads safely.

Thank you team for your excellent service, speedy response time and always availability to assist with support for Prokon Software!

Gerrie Pienaar


Prokon‘s software support is unmatched. The quote process was smooth, and a last-minute team meeting was promptly arranged. For local and international markets, Prokon‘s fair pricing and top-tier features make it the standout choice. Highly recommended!

Stoffel Bakkes



Yes, Prokon Frame is capable of analyzing both 2D and 3D structures, offering versatility in addressing various engineering projects.

Prokon Frame offers a wide range of analyses, including linear and non-linear static analysis, buckling analysis, modal analysis, harmonic analysis, and seismic analysis.

Prokon Frame features an intuitive interface that is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible for beginners while still offering advanced capabilities for experienced users.

Yes, Prokon Frame offers integration with other engineering software, allowing for seamless data exchange and collaboration within the engineering workflow.

Prokon provides comprehensive support options for Prokon Frame users, including technical documentation, tutorials, online forums, and customer support services to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter.

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