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Prokon Elastic Support Beam

Precise analysis of 2D beams on elastic foundations, accommodating diverse cross-sections and unlimited load

Enhance your structural analysis capabilities with Elastic Support Beam, a powerful module designed for rapid and precise analysis of 2D beams on elastic foundations. With the ability to accommodate varying cross-sections, gaps in the elastic medium, and rigid supports, this module offers flexibility and accuracy.

The Elastic Support Beam software offers several distinctive features and functionalities that set it apart from competitors:

Prokon Elastic Support Beam Rapid Analysis

Rapid Analysis

The software enables swift analysis of 2D beams on elastic foundations, providing engineers with efficient solutions to complex structural problems.

Accommodation of Varying Cross-Sections

Unlike competitors, Elastic Support Beam allows for the analysis of beams or slabs with varying cross-sections along their lengths, enhancing its versatility and applicability to real-world scenarios.

Accommodation of Varying Cross-Sections
Flexibility in Foundation Modelling

Flexibility in Foundation Modelling

Engineers can model elastic foundations with variations or gaps in the elastic medium, as well as rigid supports, providing a more comprehensive representation of structural conditions.


Unlimited Load Entries

The software permits an unlimited number of loads to be entered, allowing engineers to simulate a wide range of loading scenarios accurately.

Prokon Elastic Support Beam Unlimited Load Entries

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Traditional foundation design methods often overlook the dynamic behaviour of high-rise buildings on elastic foundations, leading to potential settlement issues and structural instability. Leveraging Prokon Elastic Support Beam, engineers conduct rapid analysis of the building’s foundation system, considering variations and gaps in the elastic medium and the presence of rigid supports. This enables engineers to assess the structural response of the foundation under various loading conditions, including dead loads, live loads, and environmental factors.


Engineers input the foundations geometry, structural properties, and soil characteristics into Prokon Elastic Support Beam and analyse the interaction between the building structure and the elastic foundation. The software’s advanced algorithms and simulation capabilities allow for accurate modelling of complex foundation systems, accounting for factors such as soil stiffness, foundation flexibility, and load distribution.


By utilising Prokon Elastic Support Beam, the engineering consultancy gains valuable insights into the behaviour of the building foundation, identifying potential areas of concern and optimising the design for stability and performance. The software’s ability to handle varying cross-sections, elastic foundation conditions, and multiple loads ensures that the foundation design meets safety standards and regulatory requirements.

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Elastic Support Beam can analyse 2D beams, including single-span beams and slabs, on elastic foundations with varying cross-sections and loading conditions.

The software allows users to model variations or gaps in the elastic medium of the foundation, providing a realistic representation of soil conditions for accurate analysis.

Yes, the software can model rigid supports within the elastic foundation, allowing engineers to accurately simulate the structural response to different support conditions.


No, the software permits an unlimited number of loads to be entered, enabling engineers to simulate a wide range of loading scenarios for comprehensive analysis.

Yes, Elastic Support Beam supports structural analysis for beams made of various materials, including steel, concrete, timber, and composite materials.

The software features a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow, reducing the learning curve for engineers of all levels of experience.

Users have access to comprehensive technical support resources, including documentation, tutorials, direct customer support, and individualised training, ensuring they can effectively utilise the software.

Yes, the software is capable of analysing beams of varying sizes and complexities, making it suitable for both small-scale and large-scale structural analysis projects.

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